Meet the Team

GarageGames hires veterans in their fields to lead innovative projects. Our team includes backgrounds from large and small game developers, the simulation industry and education. We strive to provide the best service in game development, custom technology, gamification and interactive education. It all starts with having the right staff.

Dexter Chow

Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer

Dexter's first game as designer and producer was the innovative digital video game In the First Degree, released in 1995 for Broderbund Software. He then produced a string of five popular Warlords titles. He has also been Executive Producer and Designer at Strategic Simulations, Inc., Mattel and Ubisoft. Along the way, Dexter also taught game design at the Art Institute of CA.

His job at GarageGames includes game design, education developer and management on various contract projects.

Gaming Moment: Playing 7 hours of Asteroids on 1 quarter and having the manager pull the machine plug because other people were waiting in line to play.

Nerd Moment: He decorates his room by mounting different model PSP and DS machines on the wall. Oh, he finally replaced his New Teen Titans collection.

James Dickinson

Chief Operating Officer

James is a veteran manager with a varied background in project management, operations and design. He has held project management and operations positions at Kaiser, Playdom and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. In addition, he has game design and producing experience at New World Computing on several Might & Magic titles and Rift, a MMO from Trion.

James manages operations including IT, QA and Finance. In addition, he contributes as a game designer to contract game projects.

Gaming Moment: Beating Jon "Top Phaser" Van Caneghem in Star Fleet Battles.

Nerd Moment: Playing in a 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons game run by Gary Gygax.

Joe McGuffin

Creative Director

Joe is a media and game production professional with experience directing and managing creative teams and projects at companies such as EA, Technicolor and New World Computing. In addition, he has extensive service experience supporting AAA titles such as Gears of War, God of War and Uncharted. Joe is also an outsourcing and off-shore expert, with experience working and training artists on site in India.

Joe manages and directs our art department as well as heading up our business development department.

Gaming Moment: Strangling younger brother with a Genesis controller cord after getting defeated 125-7 in Madden '93.

Nerd Moment: All of high school… but he is much better now!

Eric Preisz

CEO & Technical Lead

Eric has led the Torque team for several years first as Director of Torque and now as the CEO. Eric has experience developing simulations, optimizing code and networking with several simulation developers including Dynamic Animation Systems, Valdor and C2C Simulation. Eric has education experience as a former department chair at Full Sail University. He also coauthored a book called Video Game Optimizations with Ben Garney.

Gaming Moment: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start.

Nerd Moment: Having the opportunity to discuss optimization one on one with Michael Abrash.

Dmitry Shtainer

Technical Director

As our lead technologist, Dmitry is very comfortable at the "bleeding edge" of technology. He has held technical director and lead programmer roles at Crytek, EA, Unity and Monolith, a Warner company. His specialties include advanced rendering, architecture, pipeline and next generation platforms.

Gaming Moment: Played Star Trek, a text based game, on Mainframe and got earned "Emeritus" status within one month.

Nerd Moment: Spent over $1,000 on the latest ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card in 2002. He still feels sorry for that but now he only spends big money on sports cars.